Dear VIP client,

We are in the process of deploying Deep Instinct’s Next Gen antivirus platform to your system. In the rapidly changing landscape of malware, ransomware, etc. traditional antivirus platforms have started to lose ground because they cannot adapt as fast as the malware can.

Deep Instinct fights this because its detection methods are born from a ground-breaking technology called “Deep Learning”.

This technology allows for an almost universal deployment on almost any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile, etc), to any machine offline or online, and can detect across any file type or non-files including macros, scripts, code injections in otherwise harmless files (which non-deep learning systems cannot realistically scan for).

We have seen real world proof of 99% detection rates of known and unknown attack vectors of all types often long before the virus experts have even given the attack a name yet. Feel free to check out for more information on how it works.


This will run side by side with Webroot for awhile we check for any tuning that will need to be done for your unique environment.


You may see a new “double E” tray icon showing this installation.



If you experience any extended slowness, or unexpected behavior regarding your machine’s performance or other application launch, please reach out to our support team so that we can resolve any issues.


Once we have tuned this to your environment (in the next 2-4 weeks most likely), we will proceed to remove our Webroot AV platform and have Deep Instinct fully protecting your systems.

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