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your own IT department

When you are running a company, your technology plays a vital role in your daily work. From memos to emails, orders to fulfillment, you use technology to complete many of your company’s daily activities. If your technology is not working, neither are you.

Calling an IT technician when something goes wrong takes time and translates into a loss of revenue and production. This is where our staff comes in as your IT Department, to keep your technology running and in turn keep your business working smoothly.

ZATIS West Michigan

Tailor-Made IT Solutions​

Customized To Enhance Productivity​

Many IT companies charge a changing fee dependent on your needs. Having ZATIS as your IT Department gives your company the experience needed to meet all of those technology changes and pitfalls with one flat-rate. No hidden fees to surprise you after an already costly downtime. In fact, no downtime at all.

Our staff will work in the background 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year to keep your company running smoothly. With support that includes in-house, remote, nationwide, and everything in between, we will cover all of your technology demands. See what Services ZATIS IT & Cybersecurity can provide for you. 

We are Always Available

Our company focuses on keeping your company running 24/7/365. We work continually to eliminate system downtime and prevent issues that could cost you time and money.

Flat-Rate IT Solution

You will receive the same service for the same rate every time. Whether you have one issue in a month or fifteen, you will receive the same rate with no labor fees or hidden costs, ever.

You Get your own
IT Department

You will benefit from having an IT Department instead of having the need to call your IT guy when something goes wrong. We take on all of the technical issues your company has and make them our own, eliminating your need to spend time or extra money to wait for an outsourced IT guy.

Predictable and Transparent Pricing

You will receive one rate that you can count on from month to month. You will never receive any hidden fees and will always know exactly what you are paying for, allowing you to predict with accuracy what you will be paying every month for your IT Department. We are the IT Department that grows with you.

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